• CPIDA | China Peru Investment Development Association


China Peru Investment Development Association (CPIDA) supports Chinese investors to enter the Peruvian market and Peruvian companies achieve strategic partners China

In order to promote Peruvian Investment opportunities in China, CPIDA has formed strategic alliances with key Chinese organizations.

CPIDA has formed a strategic alliance with CODA, in which they facilitate direct access to China´s biggest private and public companies.  We participate in their annual fair COIFAIR, which gathers regions from all over to world in order to showcase foreign investment opportunities.

ChinaGoAbroad has names CPIDA a partner, which allows CPIDA to disseminate investment opportunities to their 11,000 member thought their online platform and offline events.

CPIDA also has the continuing support from the Bank of China, they allow direct access to their clients nationwide. 


(CGA) is a platform established by CODA to facilitate de dissemination of foreign Investment opportunities.  This platform is utilized by Chinese private banks, public and private companies and high net worth individuals.

China Overseas Development Association

(CODA) is a subsidiary of the NDRC, China’s most important companies (state-owned and privately held) are members of CODA. Their role is to help Chinese companies develop commercial ties abroad through investment and cooperation.

National Development and Reform Commission

(NDRC), is a government entity responsible for establishing economic policy in China. 

The Bank of China

Is the second biggest bank in China and the world’s fifth biggest bank. It is China’s oldest bank, established in 1912.  It is the most important commercial bank in China, boasting over three million commercial clients.