• CPIDA | China Peru Investment Development Association


China Peru Investment Development Association (CPIDA) is a non-profit association which objective is to bridge alliances between Peruvian and Chinese companies to foster commercial ties through strategic partnerships.

We promote profitable international business partnerships with the most reputable Peruvian companies in order to ensure long-term growth through joint ventures, acquisitions and other strategic business initiatives. 

CPIDA focuses on industries that operate competitively in the global markets including mining, infrastructure, agribusiness, fisheries, real estate, energy and finance. 

Our goal is to help potential and existing investors analyze, plan and execute viable investment opportunities in Peru. Our mission is for Peru to become world’s most sought after investment destination in the Latin American region.

CPIDA helps investors enter the Peruvian market successfully. 

We guide investors in every step of doing business in Peru:

  • Providing macroeconomic data and industry specific research
  • Identification and introduction to potential suppliers, clients and business partners
  • Political advisory and counsel
  • Business consulting: company valuations, due diligence, advisory
  • Corporate Finance: joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets
  • Legal assistance with setting up a Peruvian company, Peruvian law advisory
  • Administrative support with regards to permits and licenses